Residency Requirements

‚ÄčStudent Living with Parent/Guardian in Ferris

Proof of Residency - At the time of enrollment, the parent or legal guardian must present Proof of Residency to the Central Administration Registration office. The following required documentation must be current (anything within the last 30 calendar days):

  1. Current water, electricity, or gas bill (no telephone bills) indicating address and the parent/guardian's name
  2. The most recent tax receipt indicating home ownership
  3. A current lease or rental agreement
  4. Other timely documents that indicate location of residence, as approved by the Superintendent.
  5. A copy of parent or legal guardian's current Texas Driver's License or Government issued ID. The name and address on current Driver's License or Government ID must match the name and address on the proof of residency presented.

Student and Family Living with Ferris Resident

Affidavit of Residence - (Application must be completed annually)

If you are unable to provide sufficient proof of residency because you currently live with someone who is a resident and there is no utility bill or lease agreement in your name, you and the FISD resident will need to complete the Affidavit of Residency and form notarized.

The person(s) residing in Ferris whom you are living with must present a copy of Proof of Residency (such as utility bill, etc…) and a current Texas Driver’s License or Government ID. 

Returning Student Procedures

Proof of residency is required by all new and returning students. If returning students are Non-Residents and were approved to attend Ferris Schools through an alternate Proof of Residency Form, they are required to re-apply each year using one of the following forms: