EmpowerED Hotspots

The district is pleased to announce that is has been able to secure 650 hotspots for its students through T-Mobile's EmpowerED program. With this initiative, the goal is to bridge what is known as the "digital divide" or "homework gap," and give all students equal access to the technology which is increasingly critical for their success inside and outside of the classroom.

Each hotspot is provided completely free of charge to the student, and comes with 20 GB of high-speed LTE data. There is no data cap, so even after this threshold is reached the student will still be able to access the Internet, albeit at lower potential speeds. The hotspot itself is covered by the district's Mobile Device and Technology Usage Agreement (available in English and Spanish), so the only requirement for eligibility is that the student and/or parent request the device. Additionally, the hotspot is filtered in the same way as on-site devices, meaning that access to inappropriate content will be restricted.

If you are a student or employee of the district who doesn't have reliable home Internet access, please complete the Mobile Hotspot Application below to indicate the need. A hotspot will be assigned to you after its completion. Please note that due to the limited amount of devices, only one hotspot will be issued per household at this time. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Technology Department.

Brett Browne
Brett Browne
Director of Technology