Finch Robot Loan

Finch Robot Loan
Posted on 07/29/2019

Congratulations to Ms. Kay Bell, Ferris Intermediate SmartLab facilitator. Due to her diligence, the district has secured a loan of 15 Finch robots for the coming school year!

The Finch is a robot that inspires and delights students learning computer science by providing them a tangible, physical representation of their code.

Ms. Bell says:

Hello Everyone That May Be Interested,

We will have Finch robots on campus again!!! I applied and received a grant to use them during the school year and in the summer. They will arrive in August.

It excites me that these were developed and are licensed from Carnegie Mellon University and are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.

These are for the district, not just for the SmartLab. Please think of ways they can be used to enhance all of our students. Besides the SmartLab, I will have some after school programs. Let me know if you would like the Finch Ro
bots to visit you!

See you all soon,